Guest lecturers receiving orders very late!

Rajim, Aug 27: Classes in the Colleges have been started but there is news about appointment orders of the guests lecturers not being issued. With no issuance of appointment orders, there is lot of anxiety and tension among the family members and candidates who have applied for the said post.
It is notable here that there is dearth of permanent lecturers in many Colleges in the region and majority of education work in the Colleges is being carried out with help of guest lecturers.
There are reports that the Higher Education Department of the state government is showing gross injustice with the guest lecturers when it comes to their wages or honourarium and about their timely appointment orders.
If one takes a look at the Government Rajiv Lochan Graduate College, Rajim itself, then the total strength of lecturers on permanent basis is just 10 and the appointment of 15 guest lecturers is made every year and in this way there are total 25 posts sanctioned.
In this way the maximum strength is that of guest lecturers and despite this the government is making gross injustice to them when it comes to wages and other emoluments.
The guest lecturers citing their problems informed that they are inseparable wing of the Higher Education Department and are rendering quality services in the Colleges for last many years. In all the Colleges online education and classes have been started, but the guests lecturers are still sitting unemployed and are anxiously waiting for their appointment letters
It is worthwhile to mention here that for last many one & half years and especially due to corona pandemic, the appointment orders of guests lecturer is being received pretty late and due to which the guests lecturers are facing financial constraints. It was in the month of October they got the orders for the month of March and not only this, they got the salary also pretty less, despite the fact that the appointment of guest lecturers is done for 11 months. All this is posing problems for the guests lecturers to meet up their day-to-day demand and run their family.
It is notable here that the Higher Education Department of Madhya Pradesh government has appointed guest lecturers on a fixed salary for a fixed term and since Chhattisgarh was part of MP, the higher education department here too should consider issuing similar order, so that the future and uncertainty among the guest lecturers can be removed and quality of higher education in Colleges continues smoothly.

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