Green Corridor created twice within two hours for ambulances

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Bhilai, Sep 13: On Monday, Durg Police created green corridor twice within two hours on the national highway for the ambulances. With the dedicated efforts, lives of two people were saved. The critically ill patients were shifted from JLN Hospital to a tertiary care hospital in Raipur within the minimum possible time. Senior Councillor Bashisth Narayan Mishra assisted the family members of the patients in coordinating with the Police and getting the green corridor created for ambulances. After reaching the Ramkrishna Care Hospital in Raipur, one of the patients underwent angioplasty while the second patient is getting better treatment.
According to the information, 63-year-old Kantamma, a resident of Borsi, was admitted in JLN Hospital Sector-9 four days ago with cardiac ailments. She was in the ICU and the condition was stable. On Monday, her family members contacted Councilor Bashisth Narayan Mishra as the patient was to be shifted to Raipur as soon as possible. Mishra contacted Traffic DSP Gurjit Singh after which a highway patrolling vehicle reached to Sector-9 Hospital. Kantamma was referred to Ramakrishna Care at around 14:20 hrs and the ambulance travelled on the green corridor to reach Ramkrishna Care Hospital in Raipur at around 14.56 hrs. She received immediate treatment and underwent angioplasty at 17.30 hrs.
The relatives of the other patient witnessed this episode at Sector 9 Hospital after which they also sought support from Mishra. BSP employee Praveen Sharma expressed his need to take his mother Chanda Sharma to Raipur for better treatment. Councilor Mishra without delay once again discussed the matter with Traffic DSP. He sought guidance from SSP Badri Narayan Meena and within no time, another Highway Patrolling vehicle reached JLN Hospital to pilot the second ambulance. All preparations were made to create the Green Corridor. Ambulance with ventilator facility was brought from Raipur on which Rs 15000 were spent. The patient Chanda Sharma has to get a pacemaker installed and was admitted to the hospital on September 12. The challenge was to create the second green corridor on the same day. The ambulance departed from JLN Hospital at around 16:00 hrs and reached Ramakrishna Hospital Raipur at 16:41 hrs.
It needs to be mentioned here that the need of green corridor for ambulances is arising due to the sorry condition of the National Highway between Bhilai to Raipur. The situation of heavy traffic jam is frequent. Further, there are potholes all over the highway. In view of the situation, the relatives of the patients feel that travelling in normal way could be dangerous.
Senior Councilor Bashisth Narayan Mishra said that there is only one ventilator ambulance in the district that too with a private hospital. If someone hires this vehicle, a hefty amount is charged. Mishra said that Durg is a VVIP district with four cabinet ministers including the Chief Minister. In such a situation, the administration and the government must provide best facilities of ambulances.

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