Govt to bear education expenses of 867 children orphaned by Covid-19

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Bhilai, Aug 30: Mahtari Dular Yojna of the state government would provide great support to the children who lost their parents due to Corona Virus Pandemic. The state government is taking the responsibility of education of such children. The state government will bear the full cost of the education of these children.
Bhilai Nagar MLA Devendra Yadav informed that the Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has taken a very commendable initiative for the destitute children by launching the Mahtari Dular Yojna. The government will bear the entire cost of the education of such children.
The Corona pandemic has destroyed many homes and left many children orphaned. In such a situation, the state government adopted sensitive approach and took a commendable initiative under the leadership of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel. Bhilai Nagar MLA Devendra Yadav informed that there are many such children in Durg District also.
The government is also taking responsibility for the education of these children. So far 867 children have applied for this scheme. All the children, who have applied, will continue their education in the same school where they were already studying.
Chhattisgarh state government will bear the school fees of all such students. Devendra Yadav said that they are making efforts to provide benefits of this scheme to all the eligible children.
Devendra Yadav further informed that he has discussed the matter with DEO Pravas Singh Baghel. Baghel has informed that all the received applications have been accepted. Apart from these, if any child was unable to file the application, the department is ready to accept fresh applications yet. It is our endeavour that every child, whose father or mother has died due to Corona, should get the benefit of this Mahatari Dular Yojana of the state government.
MLA Devendra Yadav informed that the state government will provide free education to the victim children in government and private schools. Apart from this, priority will be given to admission in Swami Atmanand English Medium School.
In addition, scholarships will also be given. Apart from this, incentives for higher education after school education, training and coaching for admission to professional courses will also be provided.
Talking to Central Chronicle, MLA Devendra Yadav said that the Corona epidemic has orphaned many innocent children. This pandemic was very unfortunate for the entire society. We made best efforts to prevent the corona pandemic but still many innocent people have been rendered helpless by this epidemic.
The state government is always with them and ready to support them. It is the endeavour of the state government to assist such children and ensure that they complete their education without any problem.

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