Govt puts price cap for RT-PCR & antigen rapid test

Bhilai, Sep 22: The state government has put a price cap for RT-PCR and antigen rapid test for testing of Covid-19 in private hospitals and pathology centres located in the district. According to the new system, if the sample for RTPCR test (lab located in the region) is collected at the Pathology Centre, the test fee will be charged at Rs 1600 per patient, and if the sample collection is taken to the patient’s house, the fee will be Rs 18, 000 per patient. But, if the sample collection for RT-PCR is done at the pathology centre (lab which is located outside the state), then the screening fee will be charged Rs 2000 per patient and here also if the sample collection is taken at the patient’s house, the test fee will be Rs 2200 per patient. Doe the antigen rapid test the price cap is at Rs 900 per patient. All the above prescribed charges is including sample collection, transport fee, investigation fee and consumables, PPE kit etc.

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