Govt all set to handle third wave: Singh Deo

Deepankar Khobragade
Rajnandgaon, Sep10: They say ‘greatness of man is known by his simplicity’ and this goes synonymous with Minister of Health TS Singh Deo, who belongs to a Royal family and fondly known as ‘Baba’, is very much humble and cordial with people of all sections of the society. Having started his political career way back, he served as the Leader of Opposition from Congress from 2013-18 and is presently MLA from Ambikapur VS seat, from where he has been winning consecutively three times in a row.
TS Singh Deo has played an important role in good-by to 15 year old term of Dr Raman Singh, Singh Deo prepared Congress election manifesto for 2018 VS polls paying attention to people from all sections of society. During the campaigning he met people from all communities and it is for this reason that the party’s election manifesto became negative catalyst for BJP and reduced the strong 15 year old BJP to mere 14 VS seats in 2018 VS polls. Congress established its government with 3/4 majority and is now heading for progress and development of poor, farmers, labourers and those down-to-earth people of Chhattisgarh’s soil.
In an exclusive interview with our Rajnandgaon correspondent Deepankar Khobragade, Health Minister TS Singh Deo expressed his views on variety of questions which are as follows:
Q-1: How much is Ch’garh prepared to face 3rd Covid-19 wave?
Ans: TS Singh Deo replying to this said that based upon the last one & half year’s experience and upon availability of funds, the state has made all necessary arrangements to tackle third likely wave of corona. This time the state government has provided sufficient funds from the Finance department and in the proposal given to the Centre, the state is expected to get Rs 600 crore and therefore there will not be any financial constraints now. At present the health department has to purchase sufficient number of ventilators; prepare necessary infrastructure and link all the beds in newly constructed Covid centres with Oxygen pipelines.
Singh Deo informed that if any of the procedure of Oxygen supply be it from Oxygen generating plant or to liquid Oxygen tank or those from Support Cylinders, then an alternative plan is being prepared as standby so as to handle any such emergency situation. About likely spread of corona in third wave, Singh Deo informed that with more of vaccination, the chances of many persons getting seriously ill are very less and therefore chances of infection percentage going up high is also remote.
Q-2: Many private hospitals in state are charging exorbitant fees and even death rate is high and were found using pandemic as ‘opportunity’ to encash, so against how many the action was taken?
Ans: The state government has issued rate list to control high fees being charged and the hospitals too should not charge extra when it comes to serving the humanity during such pandemic. But during times of such emergencies, we have often seen issues of black-marketing and profiteering coming into picture, be it the case of potatoes or even onions. So denying it as general statement for all doctors, Singh Deo said that it was in talks with the reps of these medical institutions that the rates were finalised and so it is the responsibility of the institute to adhere to the protocol and guidelines in order to serve the humanity. There were few cases against which complaints were filed and due action was taken by the health department, including refund of extra amount taken or cancellation of registration of that hospital.
Q-3: In how many days the contractual medical teachers and doctors would be reguarlised?
Ans: So far no such initiative has been taken and it generally causes lot of problems in regularising the contractual medical staff or doctors, as the regular staff anticipating promotion raises objections and this gives rise to hosts of complexities in normal working.
Q-4: No action being taken against Sundara Multispecialty Hospital still under controversy?
Ans: Unless there is any complaint submitted, we cannot take action and if it is done, then we will get the investigations done, Singh Deo assured.
Q-5: What are the reasons for shortage of medicine ‘Thumbolitic’ for heart patients and when these medicines would be easily available?
Ans: To ensure availability of medicines as per demand and for its management is prime responsibility of the Health Department. The purchase system is through CGMC and if CGMC is not having, then permission has been granted to that Medical College or District Hospital. So for purchase, when these institutions are not having medicines when it is required, then they are allowed to purchase it from the market. Sometimes there is crisis in the open market for a particular medicine and just taking example of Remdesivir in the second wave, there was huge shortage of that injection and now it is hardly being used.
But in such conditions if the health department makes huge purchase, then it sometimes leads to huge loss also and therefore a balanced approach has to be taken, taking into account both the aspects of surplus stock and its present and future requirement, for a disease in particular.

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