Gouthans well managed in village Behera

Janjgir-Champa: According to the intention of the state government, various Gouthans of the district were dedicated to public on August 1. Adarsh Gouthan was inaugurated on the day of Hareli in Behera village of Sonegarh, Gram Panchayat of Sakti development block in Janjgir- Champa district.

About 254 cows and 35 stray animals are kept in the village Gouthan complex. Employment Assistant Mr. Rameshwar Koshale informed that shepherds have been appointed through the Gouthan Committee. The shepherd brings the cows from home to Gouthan at seven in the morning. The process of artificial insemination is carried out by the Livestock Department as per the schedule for vaccination and breed improvement.

Sick animals are also treated as needed. The stray animals are kept in the Gauthan at night and with the remaining cattle, shepherds return home. According to the state government’s criteria, the process of preparing fertile organic manure is also being done. Plantation is being done. Fodder water and shade have been provided for cattle.

As per the advice of the panchayat representatives and villagers, Gouthans are managed in well organised way. It is noteworthy that this Gouthans were inaugurated in a district level program on the occasion of Hareli Tihar on August 1 by Dr. Charan Das Mahant, State Assembly speaker.

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