Gehlot hopes PM would take decision on farm laws

Jaipur, Mar 12 (PTI):
Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Friday hoped that Mahatma Gandhi’s message would “shake the conscience” of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and he would take a decision over the three farm laws. Gehlot on Friday flagged off a march here on the 91st anniversary of Dandi March taken out by Gandhi. The prime minister flagged off a padyatra (foot march) from Sabarmati Ashram in Gujarat to re-enact Mahatma Gandhi’s Dandi Yatra. “Narendra Modi is himself flagging off Dandi March from the Sabarmati Ashram to commemorate this day. I hope that Gandhiji’s message would shake his conscience and he may take any decision (on farm laws). I will be very happy and people of the country will be happy,” Gehlot told reporters here.
He said it is “unfortunate” that the central government is maintaining a “stubborn attitude” towards the farmers who played a role in freedom struggle. “I say again and again that governments should never be stubborn, governments should always bow down before the public, in front of the ‘Janata Janardan’, in front of the voters,” Gehlot said. The chief minister asked what difference will it make if the Centre withdraws these laws. “The Centre can withdraw the laws and talk to farmers, state governments and other stakeholders and bring a new law after four-six months,” he said.
“Nothing has to be done, it is just a matter of making decisions, which Prime Minister Modi has to take, the government has to take,” Gehlot said.
He said it’s been about four months that the farmers are agitating against the three laws.
“It’s height of insensitivity in the country. The entire country is watching. There is so much anger inside people that no one can imagine. They are not feeling it right now, but there is a lot of anger in the entire country, it is there among the farmers and it is also within the common people. The government cannot be so stubborn but people can be,” the Congress leader said.
Gehlot cautioned the government that due to the ongoing farmers’ protest, “India is becoming infamous” in many parts of the world.
“I hope that the Ministry of External Affairs and the foreign minister will give the prime minister the right advice, so that he is forced to rethink what action he really have to take for the benefit of farmers,” he said.

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