Free mobile health path lab being run by Bhavna Bohra

PKabirdham, Apr 07: With the aim of a healthy society and better health check-up facility, the residents of the area are getting benefits from the free mobile health path lab run by Bhawna Samaj Sevi Sansthan. Under Rashtrotkarsh Abhiyan, this mobile health path lab operated by Bhavna Samaj Sevi Sansthan was dedicated to the service of the public by inaugurating the mobile health path lab run by Bhawna Samaj Sevi Sansthan by Peethadhishwar Jagatguru Shankaracharya Swami Nischalanand Saraswatiji Maharaj of Rigvedic Purvamnaya Govardhan Math Jagannathpuri in village Ranveerpur.
In just two months, the free health checkup facility has been made available to more than 1000 area residents through this mobile health path lab. With the goal of “Hamar Gaon, Swastha Gaon”, the founder of Bhavna Samaj Sevi Sansthan and Chairman of Kabirdham District Panchayat, Bhavna Bohra, has made a commendable effort, with the aim of providing health check-up facilities to the general public, free operation of Mobile Health Path Lab.
More than 1000 people avail benefits
So far more than 130 people in Ranveerpur village of Kabirdham district, 168 in village Bania, 160 in village Kuan, 150 in village Chorbhatti, 133 in village Kampadah, 50 in village Bamhani, 124 in village Dullapur, and 70 in village Damapur and more than 164 people in village Kunda were given to consult the nearest health center and doctors for proper treatment. Through this mobile health path lab, a target has been set to benefit more than 30 thousand people in a year. On this occasion, Bhavna Bohra said that due to the lack of health equipment and better health facilities in the area, seeing the problems being faced by the people of the area, it felt like trying to solve them. Today it is a matter of happiness for us that through this service, villagers of many villages are taking advantage of this facility. Bohra, who is continuously working for the service, protection and assistance of needy and poor people, said that through this free mobile health unit, a target has been set to benefit more than 30 thousand people every year. Along with providing better health facilities to the people living there, more than 20 different, complex and general tests will be done free of cost, which are done in private labs for about Rs.200 to Rs.2000.
Works done by Bohra
It may be noted that continuous work is being done by Bhavna Bohra in Kabirdham district for public service, education, women empowerment, health security and helping every needy people in various fields. Three free buses were started for college students of District Panchayat area no. 12 for commuting from home to college and from college to home, due to which more than 150 girl students studying in Than-Khamharia, Sahaspur Lohara and Kawardha College are getting its benefit. Through the two free ambulance services operated by him, the facility of home-to-hospital and hospital-to-home transportation is being made available to thousands of families living in Kabirdham district as well as nearby districts.
Along with this, Arogyam free health camp for better health of the residents, distribution of free equipment to 72 disabled people on the 72nd birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, free food and rest facility for Kanwar pilgrims going from Kabirdham district, oxygen concentrator in community health centers , Nari Samman Alankaran for women empowerment, Meri Sakhi self-protection program, sewing machine to women, installation of sanitary pad vending machine, Corona Warrior Service Award, free ration distribution, Haldhar Sammelan for farmers, pure drinking water supply in major places of the region

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