Fraud dupe brick kiln owner of Rs 58444

Raipur, Jul 09: Unidentified fraud has reportedly duped a brick kiln owner of Rs 58444 by fooling him of paying the advance amount for the order that had given to him earlier over phone. A complaint in this regard was lodged in Devendra Nagar police station on Friday. According to police, complainant Devesh Pinjani is a brick kiln owner doing his business from Devendra Nagar locality. In the month of June last, holder of phone number 97079-86772 called Devesh over his phone and placed a big order for supplying bricks. With Devesh seeking payment of advance amount for sending the consignment, the fraud told him that the particular phone he is taking with does not have any online payment app and that he will soon be calling back with another phone number to deposit the advance amount.
Few minutes later, the fraud called back Devesh with phone number 8239629489 and asked him to provide his Paytm details so that he could transfer the amount to his account. Not suspecting the caller, Devesh immediately shared his Paytm details over Whatsapp with the fraud and this turned out to be major mistake as the fraud immediately siphoned Rs 58444 from his account.
Both the phone numbers have since remained switched off after which Devesh complained the matter with police who have now registered an offence under Section 420 IPC against the holders of both the above mentioned phone numbers and further investigation is now underway.

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