Fraud arrested for duping shop owner of 2 ACs

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Raipur, May 29: Kabir Nagar police on Wednesday arrested a notorious fraud from Kavilash Nagar in Bhanpuri and recovered from him both the air conditioner units (ACs) worth Rs 72000 which he had fraudulently acquired from a shop named Shriram Electronic situated at MG Road.
According to police, complainant Bhavya Kumar Digwani is owner of M/s. Shriram Electronic situated at MG Road. On May 24, he received a call on his mobile phone wherein the caller told him that he had been to his shop on the previous day during which he had selected two ACs of Samsung company worth Rs 72000. He then told the model numbers of the selected ACs and asked him to send them both at his address Avinash Ashiyana in Kabir Nagar where he will make cash payment to the delivery person.
Not suspecting the caller, the shop owner sent both the desired ACs in an autorickshaw through delivery person named Ghanshyam.
Reaching the said address, Ghanshyam called on the mobile phone number provided to him by the shop owner. Soon a youth arrived there and took him outside a locked house in the locality and asked him to unload them there saying that family members will be returning soon from the market.
While unloading those ACs, another accomplice of the fraud arrived there after which the fraud asked him to look after both the ACs and asked the delivery person to accompany him to a nearby bank from where he would withdraw the money for making the payment.
Soon the fraud reached outside a bank and asked the delivery person to wait in his vehicle. Few minutes later he came out of the bank saying that it is quite rush inside and will few more minutes to clear the transaction. In the meantime, yet another accomplice of the fraud arrived there in a bike and the two moved towards a nearby ATM for withdrawing money.
However, it was just tactics to fool and they both simply vanished from the spot leaving behind the delivery man waiting for them.
When the fraud did not return with the money for a conspicuously for long time, the delivery man called over his mobile phone but it was repeated found to be switched off.
Ultimately the delivery man called the shop owner and told him everything following which the shop owner rushed to Kabir Nagar and later lodged a complaint in the police station.
Registering an offence under Section 406, 420, 34 IPC, police set into investigating the matter and in the process succeeded in obtaining vital clues from the CCTV cameras at various spots. With the help of those CCTV recordings, police on Wednesday succeeded in nabbing the fraud Subham Singh from his house at Kavilash Nagar in Bhanpuri and also recovered both the duped AC units.
Police is now interrogating Subham Singh further with regards to similar offences registered in Saraswati Nagar and Gudhiyari police stations as well as about his other accomplices.

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