Four fake naxalites arrested planning to loot in-charge of Tendupatta collection

Gariyaband, May 21:
Four youths planning to loot a Tendupatta ‘faad munshi’ and contractors by projecting themselves as fake naxalites were arrested by police from Garm Boirbeda Jungle of Brindanavagarh Chowki area. One fully loaded gun, two piece knife and two wooden sticks were also recovered by the police from their possession.
SP MR Aahire made disclosure in this regard on Saturday evening. He informed that on Saturday morning they got tip from an informer that five naxalites are there in Boirbeda jungle of Brindanavagarh Chowki along with sharp weapons. It was based upon the information, it was under leadership of Naxal Cell in-charge Bhupendra Sahu, 10 jawans of E-30 Operation Team, left for search to Boirbeda Jungle.
During search in the jungle, it was on confirmation of presence of naxalites lased with weapons, the police gheraoed the four in a planned manner and nabbed all four of them. When one of the accused tried to escape, the police came to know that he is not real, but fake naxalites.
During the press conference, ASP Sukhnandan Rathore, SDO Rahul Sharma, City Kotwali in-Charge Rajesh Jagat were also present.
Had intentions to loot Tendupatta Munshi, contractorSP MR Aahire informed that all the five fake naxalites were planning to loot Tendupatta ‘Faad Munshi’ and contractor by creating terror of naxalites. The accused have taken an ambush in the jungle and were waiting for the ‘Faad Munshi’ of Tendupatta to pass through and loot him mid-way itself. But the police got the information in advance and nabbed all the four red-handed. The police took them to Mainpur Thana and a case under section 402 IPC and 25 of Arms Act was lodged against all four and they were sent to judicial remand.
Were earlier supporter of police, but now criminal
SP MR Aahire informed that the four accused nabbed viz. Asgar Khan, S/o Shah Mohammed (30), R/o Brindanavagarh, Harish Kumar Dewangan S/o Kalyan Singh Dewangan (27) Brindanavagarh, Ramesh Kumar Dhruv S/o Jaitram Dhruv (24), R/o Bidukura and Jaiprakash Dhruv S/o Pyarelal Dhruv (22), R/o Kosami Darripara. SP informed that earlier also Asagar was nabbed for projecting himself as naxalite and threatening people and recovery money from them. Earlier all the four accused had work as informer to police for SIB, but getting involved in illegal works, they got indulged in such practices. Later all five together plan to loot the Faad Munshi and threaten him. Last year also they have done such an act and succeeded in looting, and manage to escape.
SP has put all TIs on the alert
SP MR Aahire has put all the Thana in-Charge on the alert in view of such incidents, as collection of Tendupatta is in full swing. He has also asked the TIs to intensify search in their respective areas, so that tendupatta sale and purchase can be held peacefully.

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