Four burglars, including two juveniles, arrested; half a dozen shop burglaries solved

Central Chronicle News
Raipur, Jul 15:

Mandir Hasaud police on Wednesday arrested four burglars, including two juveniles and thus solved a half a dozen shop burglaries that had been committed in separate localities during the COVID-19-induced lockdown period. Apart from recovering stolen booty worth Rs 1 lakh from them, police also seized three mobile phones and a Hero HF-Deluxe bike that were purchased from the stolen cash amounts.
According to police, a spate of burglaries in shops were committed under jurisdiction of Mandir Hasaud and Vidhan Sabha police stations during the lockdown period and the modus at all those places were almost identical. Further investigation revealed that a gang of four was involved in all these burglaries and their appearances were also identical in almost every CCTV grab that were obtained in course of investigation.
Further analysis of the obtained CCTV grab led police pin point notorious burglar Roshan Yadav of village Palod under jurisdiction of Mandir Hasaud police station who had been arrested several times in the part for similar offences. Early on Wednesday, police picked up Roshan for interrogation and as anticipated, he straightway refused of involvement in any burglary. However, he ultimately confessed his crimes and also told police about his three other accomplices, one of whom was Harish Chandel and the other two were minors, all residents of the same village.
Police them detained the remaining three burglars and recovered all the stolen booty that was still in their possession.

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