Forest fire in Tiger reserve destroy medicinal plants and animals

Mainpur, Mar 07:
The regular fire incidents in some part or the other of Uddanti Sitanadi Tiger Reserve is destroying ecology of the area and medicinal plants.
The small animals are also falling prey to this fire and to save their lives are running towards villages. These animals are creating problem for the villagers and no concrete initiative is being taken by the forest department to arrest these regular incidences of fire.
For the last days smoke can be seen coming out from different places inside the forest. In particular hilly areas are filled with smoke coming out due to forest fire.
These fire incidents have forced small animals like rabbit, deer etc come out on roadside and fall prey to poachers. The forest department faces shortage of staff to keep a watch on forest fire.
No result even after spending lakhs
Every year forest department organizes workshop for imparting training and thereby spend lakhs in this process. Even then there is no respite from forest fire. On Saturday forest department staff along with local officials are trying to put off the fire but in this fall season as leaves are dry fire is spreading rapidly.
What official says
Area Forest Officer of Idgaon, Mr Ratre said that the forest staff is continuously working to control the fire. For the safety of forest, fire watcher and fire brigade personnel have been appointed. There is continuous monitoring of the forest area.

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