Fix dysfunctional street lights immediately: Municipal Commissioner

Central Chronicle News
Raipur, May 09: Residents at several parts of city have complained of non-functional street lights for a long time leading to dark stretches without illumination.
Taking complaints of dysfunctional street lights in Municipal Corporation area, the Municipal Commissioner Shiv Anant Tayal today called all concerned agencies and instructed them to take immediate steps to restore street lights.
In a meeting of officials from EECL, RECPDCL, Havells, CCMS, Tayal warned of stern action if street lights are not switched off on time and if regular maintenance is not carried out.
Toll free number has been issued on his instruction to lodge complaints of faults in street lights. Numbers of concerned officers have also been released.
The Municipal Commissioner Tayal said that full time supervisors should be deployed in all the zones to ensure instant action on public complaints under observation of zone commissioners. He also instructed to bring a proposal to replace present lights in city gardens with LED lights.
He told electricity department officers from all RMC zones to conduct regular visit and prepare report on street lights functioning even till morning hours and also the dysfunctional street lights.
Tayal, accompanied by these officers inspected Ward (49) Gabra Para Colony where he received a complaint of short circuit in stree light. He told concerned officer to immediately repair this technical fault.

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