Fissures leave people panicky, admn comes to resuce

Chirmiri (Korea), Feb 04:
It can be called a natural calamity or an untoward incident when fissures appeared on the surface in Haldibadi ward No. 12 in around 30-40 houses near State Bank (Ghutari-Dafai) on intervening night of Monday-Tuesday. People in the houses woke up in shock considering it to be tremors / vibrations due to some earthquake like situation and they all came out of their houses hearing that loud noise. When the people came out they found that fissures have appeared for long distance near the main road towards Kalibadi. In no time this news spread like a wildfire and residents of around 30-40 houses came out one after another as the walls or other portion of the house coming into effect of these fissures too developed cracks, leaving them panicky with all sorts of doubts in the mind of people affected.
Since the incident took place on the night of Feb 01 first the residents could not make out the exact reason and later they came to know about this incident. Slowly the concerned authorities were informed about it and the female Mayor of city Kanchan Jaiswal showed promptness and sent her team of experts with emergency equipments to the site of the incident.
It is right from ward corporator Rakesh Parashar to MLA’s rep Shivansh Jain also reached the site and by the time the officers of Nagar Nigam Chirimri and others were informed, many houses developed cracks due to the fissures on the ground. These fissures are reported to have developed in around 300 feet distance and the length of the fissure was about 50 mts and its width was increasing slowly from one inch to around 10 inches and it was signalling for some major calamity. The Nagar Nigam authorities immediately started filling the fissures using the equipments with the soil and to ensure that Oxygen does not go deep in the fissures and made temporary arrangements for it.
MLA Dr Vinay Jaiswal who was on tour to Raipur informed Collector over the phone and asked him to make arrangements for rehabilitation of those affected and ensure drinking water and electricity there. Mayor Kanchan Jaiswal also went to the site and asked to monitor the situation and boosted morale of those shaken and feeling fearful of likely consequences.

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