Fire crackers shops to be set up at Hind Sporting Ground

Shops to be allotted on October 31

Raipur, Oct 28: Preparations have been started by the Municipal Corporation to set up a cracker market on Diwali. This time a temporary market will be set up at the Hind Sporting Ground, Lakhenagar. Cracker traders whose license has been renewed will be allotted a 10×10 size shop for Rs 6997. Apart from this, 18 percent GST and Rs 630 license fee will also have to be deposited.
Interested shopkeepers will have to contact the Municipal Corporation, Revenue Branch office of Zone 5 and submit the application by 5 pm on October 29. After due scurtiny the shops will be allotted in the zone office by lottery method on October 31 at 12 noon.

Stringent conditions
Authorities have issued several conditions to be followed by shopkeepers. Fireworks should be kept in a shed made of non-flammable material. “The enclosures should not face each other and should be located 3 m apart and must be secure. No oil burning lamps, gas lamps or naked lights must be permitted in or around the sheds. Electrical lights, if used, must be fixed to the wall or ceiling and shall not be suspended by flexible wire. Switches must be fixed rigidly to walls and a master switch will be provided,” the licence conditions read.

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