Fire breaks out in a house behind Purohitbada

Raipur, May 09:
Massive fire broke out in a house back side of Purohitbada in city in Budhpara area here on Thursday evening and it is learnt that the building belongs to one Sharad Purohit. During this incident no persons were present in the building and no casualty was reported to have taken place.
There are reports that the fire broke out from the waste left burning at the backside of Purohitbada and which could have assumed proportions if it would have entered nearby building. The flames from this house were so high that one can be see it from a short distance. The items kept inside the houses were also gutted in the fire.
Immediately the Fire-brigade was informed and four fire-brigade vehicle reached to douse the fire and till the writing of these lines, four to five fire-brigade vehicles had come to gain control. To douse the fire, electricity in the region was also cut-down. The real reasons on how the fire broke out in this house near Purohitbada’ is still not know, but it is expected that it might have broken due to short-circuit from the flames arising from burning of waste at the backside. There are reports that the owner of the house has faced massive loss due to this fire. Presently the police is investigating into the matter.

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