Female deer dies in search of water near DFO’s office

Kawardha, May 01:
A female deer from Bhoramdev Sanctuary reached DFO’s office via District Panchayat district headquarters in search of water, but the iron rod in the boundary wall of District Panchayat pierced in her stomach and caused serious injury to her. On getting information in this regard, Forest department reached and despite offering treatment to injured deer, could not save her life, as she lost lot of blood in-between.
The Forest department makes tall claims about safety of the wildlife in the jungle, but they were all brought into open last on Monday morning when a female deer lost her path and reached Kawardha city. When this female deer tried to jump off the boundary wall of District Panchayat office, she suffered serious injuries on her stomach and abdomen area and other parts of her body. On getting information in this regard, the forest department team rushed to the spot and the injured deer was taken to veterinary hospital, where after treatment due to intense heat she was shifted to Lalpur Forest department’s nursery and here after some time she collapsed
Wildlife reaching urban areas in search of water:
Due to intense heat, the water bodies in jungle is getting dried up and due to which the wildlife is finding itself difficult to survive. The water bodies in Bhoramdev Santuary and Forest division of Kawardha are drying up and the wildlife is searching in need of water. The rivers, ponds, even nullahs have dried-up in the region and due to which many a times wild animals reach villages and even to urban areas, with chances of likely attack on humans and others. With drying-up of the stop-dam and water bodies constructed by the Forest Department in Bhoramdev Sanctuary, the wildlife are searching for water with rise in mercury. Due to intense heat, the demand for water too has increased. Both in urban and even in rural areas, in case of any water shortage, the arrangement for water is made by the local administration, but there is no one to take concern about the wild animals.
It is for this reason that movement of wildlife and wild animals from jungle to urban and rural areas has increased. They are either getting disoriented and reaching the urban areas and at times are falling prey to attack by dogs in urban and rural areas also. The water bodies created by Forest department in sanctuaries, jungles have dried up and it is posing as big problem for survival of the wildlife. At one place where the central and state government are spending lakhs on safety of wildlife and wild animals, but the carelessness and slow approach towards ensuring water in other resources seems to be taking tough toll on life of endangered species. Going in search of water many a wildlife are falling prey to hunters and which is posing threat to wildlife in jungle.

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