Expressway: Report sought within three days, probe yet to begin

Raipur: In view of the accident which occurred on Expressway under construction between Railway Station to Shadani Darbar, the State Government had constituted a three member committee to probe and had asked them to submit the report within three days, however the probe is yet to begin.

According to the highly placed sources of the department completion probe and submitting report may take at least a week, on the other hand before the probe started, efforts to cover-up the case is widely being condemned. Many political parties and social organizations including Congress have demanded strict action against them who were found guilty.

Expressway is yet to be inaugurated and citizens have started using this road. Soon after the monsoon sets in, big fissures and cracks appeared on the retaining walls and roads in some placed. People groused about the portion of the Expressway getting knocked down. It is also complained that quality of the service road adjoining the main road is very poor. Ensuring quality of the construction was entrusted to consultant, negligence was tangible in the construction of the Expressway.

Many serious flaws and technical snags appeared soon after the advent of Monsoon. Owing to this, day before yesterday a car on this Expressway turned turtle and car owner along with his wife got injured. Taking this accident seriously Government had constituted three member probe committee in the chairmanship of Chief Engineer K K Pipary PWD and instructed to accomplish probe within three days and submit the report, whereas it is informed that probe is yet begin.

Probe committee has asked for document related with Expressway from construction agency – Chhattisgarh Road Development Corporation. After taking the possession of the documents committee will decide

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