Employment of more than 5 crore man-days given by the Forest Department

Raipur, Apr 11: As per the intention of Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel and under the guidance of the Minister of Forests and Climate Change Mr. Mohammad Akbar, effective implementation of schemes in the interest of forest dwellers and development of forests in the state is continuously being done. As a result, in the year 2020-21, the Forest Department in Chhattisgarh provided 5 crore 23 lakh man days of employment to the people under various employment oriented schemes including the collection of minor forest produce, despite the corona crisis.
Principal Chief Conservator of Forests and Chief of Forest Force Rakesh Chaturvedi informed that during this period many works related to development and conservation of forests have been done in the state with an amount of Rs. 1 thousand 49 crore. Due to these works conducted by the Forest and Climate Change Department in the year 2020-21, employment of 2 crore 23 lakh 19 thousand 563 man days was made available to the people. Similarly, in the year 2020-21, 3 crore man-days of employment have been made available to the people through the collection and processing of minor forest produce. Under these works, remuneration amounting to Rs 600 crore has been distributed to tribal-forest dwellers including minor forest produce collectors.
Out of the employment of 2.23 crore man-days provided under forest development and conservation related works in the state, maximum employment of one crore 37 lakh man-days is included under the CAMPA item. Apart from this, 28 lakh 26 thousand man-days have been provided under the improvement of degraded forests and 24 lakh 96 thousand man-days under natural regeneration works. Similarly, one lakh 16 thousand in environmental forestry, 2 lakh 20 thousand in land and water conservation works, one lakh 55 thousand in river bank plantation scheme and 92 thousand man days were given for fast growing plantation related works. One lakh 43 thousand man days under road plantation, 19 thousand 790 in plantation related works in lieu of encroachment arrangement and 77 thousand man days under roads and house construction works and 60 thousand man days of employment were provided in the construction of rapatas and culverts on forest routes.
Similarly, employment of 22 thousand persons was provided in Chief Minister Bamboo Development Scheme, 17 thousand in restructured National Bamboo Mission, 2 lakh 83 thousand in fire rescue work, 66 thousand man-days in forest fire rescue and management work. Apart from this, 9 lakh 40 thousand man days were provided for the construction of roads and repair of buildings, 32 thousand man days in joint forest management strengthening and development, 20 thousand man days in drug planting work. Similarly, employment of 18 thousand man days in establishment of public protected areas, one lakh 93 thousand man days in National Afforestation Program, 15 thousand man days in Green India Mission and 71 thousand man days in Eco Service Development Project were provided.

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