Employees panicky after two successive fire mishaps

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Bhilai, May 24:
Fire mishap occurred for the second consecutive day Bhilai Steel Plant on Friday. The Naphthalene Tar Plant was destroyed to great extend in the second mishap. Earlier on Thursday, the mishap at Steel Melting Shop # 3 was affected due to a major mishap. Fortunately there were no casualties in both the mishaps but the repeated incidents have triggered concern among the employees. The employees and their family members are panicked due to repeated mishaps in the plant. The trade unions are holding the management responsible for the mishaps. Bhilai Ispat Mazdoor Sangh (BMS) has even demanded suspension of General Manager of Coke Ovens. The BSP management is probing into the reason for the fire. BSP management claimed that there has not been any disruption in the Plant’s normal operation.
Bhilai Steel Plant suffered loss of crores of rupees in the fire incident which destroyed the Tar Distillation Unit of Coke Ovens and Coal Chemicals (CO&CC) Department on Friday morning. The coal tar produced as by product of the production of coke from coal, is distilled here for production of other useful products. At around 08:30 hrs, fire broke out at this unit possibly due to an electric short circuit. According to the BSP management, the cause of fire was unknown and they are investigating over the matter. BMC union leaders alleged that the fire was an outcome of the negligent attitude and poor housekeeping at the unit. According to union, there were electric wires hanging here and there like a web at this plant. It is suspected that some short-circuit occurred in these wires which triggered fire in the highly inflammable coal tar and other substances.
The blaze spread like a wild fire at this plant and soon the entire structure was engulfed with thick smoke and high flames. The employees working there rushed out of the building and ran to a safe distance to save their lives. Within five minutes, the first fire tender had reached the mishap site. Within few minutes, fire tenders from Base Fire Station also reached the spot and fire fighting was launched. The skilled and competent firemen of BSP Fire Brigade controlled the fire with greatest promptitude. However, the fire fighting operations continued for about four hours and ended only after 12:00 hrs.
Senior officers of the Plant including Chief Executive Officer and Executive Directors reached the spot for coordinating efforts to control the fire and damage. Ten fire tenders were pressed into service and around 50 firemen and officers of the Plant’s Fire Services Department bravely fought the fire. On coming to know about the mishap, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel instructed the District Collector after which one fire tender from NSPCL and two fire tenders each from Durg and Raipur Municipal Corporations also reached the area as standby arrangement. A committee has been constituted by the Plant’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Under the chairmanship of Executive Director (Materials Management), the committee will probe into the cause of fire and also estimate the extent of damage.

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