Electricity in 11,886 Naxal affected remote villages through solar power

Raipur, May 21:
Electricity did not reach in eleven thousand 886 houses of remote, unreachable and naxal affected areas of Chhattisgarh state till the last month of 2018. Residential rural and tribal families in the area were forced to live in the dark. The new government in the state under the leadership of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, handed over all responsibility for the supply of electricity from solar energy to CREDA. CREDA implemented the public welfare policies of the government in the last 3 months and about 11,886 houses were electrified through solar energy. Most of these homes without electricity were in LWE districts where it was very challenging to do this work. In these villages it was not possible to get electricity from conventional power grid. With the initiative of CREDA and the new government, the power supply came and villages were illuminated and the villagers said, “Anjor aaya tho khusiya aayi’’. CREDA was directed by the state government to provide electricity to the family’s residening in forest and naxal infected areas through the Solar Plant and from January to March, 11,886 households were given electricity. Presently only the work of the highly sensitive Naxal affected areas is left, but efforts are being made to complete it very soon.
Beneficiaries were made available 200 watt capacity solar plant with 05 nos high capacity LEDs lights, 15 watt fan, mobile charging, point and TV socket is made available for free. The villagers said that after getting the power supply at their homes, the education of the children and daily life have become easy. The villagers are now able to do their jobs even in night hours.
As they are not having fans, the villagers were facing severe problems in summer season and now they have got rid of this. In the night time, fearless environment, protection from poisonous creatures, progress in education, dream of improving life is now possible with ‘Saubhagiya Scheme’. All these solar plants are constantly monitored by CREDA and all these plants are maintained by different technician units in each cluster. Chief Executive Officer of CREDA Alok Katiyar said that providing electricity in LWE infected area was a challenging task in the forest and remote areas of the districts, which was completed at the expected speed under the government’s priority.

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