Electricity generated from Gobar Gas to illuminate Sikola and Pahanda

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Bhilai, Sep 24: The initiative of lighting rural areas by generating electricity from Gobar Gas Plant will become operational on Gandhi Jayanti in the district. On this day, the street lights will be powered through the Gobar Gas Plant installed in the Gauthans of Pahanda and Sikola.
A 10 cubic meter plant has been installed in both the places and their capacity is to generate one kilowatt of electricity. Right now these plants are small and soon bigger plants will be set up so that the street lights of the entire village and important public places could be powered with electricity generated from Gobar Gas.
On Friday, Collector Dr Sarveshwar Narendra Bhure, Director of Swachh Bharat Mission Ranveer Sharma and District Panchayat CEO Sachchidanand Alok inspected these villages. The officials of Swachh Bharat and CREDA gave detailed information about these plants. The Sikola plant has been set up through the Swachh Bharat Mission and the Pahanda plant has been built by CREDA.
Collector also inspected the Narwa structures. He reached Khudmuri where the rejuvenation treatment has been done on a 6 km long nullah. Collector gave instructions for extensive plantation here. He said that if the drains are to be made maximum useful for the recharge of ground water, then extensive plantation will have to be done on their banks. He instructed for plantation of certain species of plants, which have amazing ability to conserve water and which helps a lot in water recharge.
Giving information about the progress of Narwa, Janpad Panchayat CEO Manish Sahu said that at present treatment of 11 rivulets is going on. Their treatment led to a significant increase in the ground water level. He told that even before the month of September, when there was shortage of rains, the water level in the bore wells near these nullahs was good. It has shown good effect with the treatment of Narwa. The structure has been repaired and the operation is continuing. At present these drains have sufficient water logging and this is also helping in the recharge of ground water. Its effect will also be visible in the Rabi crop and sufficient water will be available for the farmers in the Rabi crop.

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