Elders show the way: queuing up to get Corona vaccination

Raipur, Mar 05: Since March 1, the corona vaccine has been introduced in the state including the entire country. Encouraging news is coming from all the districts that the elderly are getting this vaccine with great enthusiasm. In many centers, young members of the family are bringing their mother and father and are taking photographs of them and sending them to their families at the time of vaccination. In some places, senior citizens are also coming in wheelchairs with masks and patiently waiting for their turn to get the vaccine of hope as the Corona era forced them to remain locked in the house. Now they are hopeful that they will be able to live their normal life after getting vaccinated. It will also be exemplary for youth, health care workers and front line workers who were hesitant to vaccinate even after being eligible. Now they too are coming forward to get vaccinated.

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