Eco friendly diyas among high-demand products this Diwali

Bhilai, Oct 18: The eco friendly diyas made from cow dung are among the high-demand products this Diwali. Such diyas are being prepared in Godhan Nyay Centers of Bhilai also. This product is recognized for its unique quality and beauty.

Lamps are being produced in Godhan Nyay Center and Gauthan of Bhilai Municipal Corporation. For the past few years, people have been showing interest in eco-friendly diyas to illuminate their houses. The SHGs are getting orders for Diyas and sales have also begun. The demand for Diya is so high that it is being sold immediately. The cow dung diyas are being produced by Jeevan Jyoti and Shiv Shakti Mahila Groups in urban Gauthan. They are also using machines for making lamps to ensure ample supply against the market demand. Poonam Sahu, a woman involved in Diya production, said that they have sold a large number of Diyas and are working to supply this product against the pending orders. They had received 500 orders from Surya Vihar colony, 1200 Diyas order from Raipur, 300 Diyas orders from Risali and Gandhi Nagar. An order of 150 diyas has been received from the school also. Apart from this, people are continuously reaching the Gauthan to buy diyas. Decorative lamps made from cow dung are also being prepared. Due to its attractive colours, quality and traditional importance, the demand of Godhan Diyas is increasing day by day. This diya is completely eco friendly which can also be used as compost later on.
Mohan Pandey, a customer, said that it is better to use Godhan Diya instead of Chinese lamps. “We should go for locally produced products which have cultural importance too. By using such products, we can connect the traditional festivals with nature”, he said. Somesh Nishad, who came to Khursipar to buy Diyas, said that he bought eco-friendly Diyas made of Godhan for the festival.
Bhilai Mayor Neeraj Pal and BMC Commissioner Rohit Vyas have directed the women of self-help groups to maintain the quality of the Diyas and have also appealed to the people to use eco-friendly diyas for this festival.

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