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Konta, Sep 28: Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel’s ambitious scheme Mukhyamantri Haat-Bazaar Clinic Yojana was launched to provide medical services to the general public in remote forest and tribal areas. Through which people of remote areas are getting medical facilities in their area. Haat Bazar clinics are getting good response in rural areas. People are getting medicines and treatment facilities on time.
Health facilities reaching remote areas of the district
Rural people residing in remote areas of the district are getting these benefits in weekly ‘Haat’ market where they come to buy and sell their daily necessities. Villagers say that the Haat-Bazar clinic scheme has not only provided the facility of health check-up but is also saving their money along with their time. Under the Chief Minister Haat Bazar Clinic scheme, first-aid arrangements are being made, under which medical teams will organize health camps at designated places in the Haat Bazar site for the rural patients with seasonal fever, pain, malaria, dysentery, diarrhea, vomiting, anemia, weakness, along with the investigation, treatment and medical consultation of diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, TB etc and also do screening of potential cancer patients.
‘Earlier there were 21, now 24 ‘haat markets’ clinics are operational’
Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr CBP Bansod informed that earlier ‘Haat’ market clinics were being operated at 21 places in the district. On the demand of the villagers, ‘haat market clinics are also being operated in Badesetty, Bhejji and Polampalli of Konta block. In this way, now through a total of 24 ‘haat’ markets in the district, the benefits of health care is being provided to the villagers.
In Sukma district all the 24 rural ‘haat’ clinics are being successfully operated in the markets. Due to which the residents are getting medical facilities in the hospital as well as in various ‘haat’ markets. Under this scheme, the health of the people is tested in the markets by the health department by setting up ambulances and camps in the ‘haat’ markets. Free medicines are also being distributed to them immediately after the test. Due to which the people of rural areas are getting the benefit of easy health test in their area itself.

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