Dumping of garbage begins at Sakri landfill

The dumping of solid wastes from urban area has begun at Sakri Trenching Ground. Raipur Municipal Corporation is preparing landfill site through scientific method. Management and treatment of the garbage being dumped in this trenching ground will begin from November onwards.

Process of disposal of garbage will be carried out in waste recycling plant. M u n i c i p a l Commissioner Shiv Anant Tayal said that dumping of garbage at Sarona Trenching Ground had been stopped altogether. A solid waste from urban area is now being dumped on landfill site which has been created in Sakri, he said. About 51 vehicles of Municipal Corporation and 37 vehicles of garbage transport agency had transported nearly 400 ton wastes to Sakri site on last Wednesday.

Garbage collection is being done through scientific method at Sakri trenching ground which is sprawling over 68 acre area. Due to collection through scientific method, the harmful elements in waste materials cannot affect quality of underground water source. A cell has been created under scientific landfill for disposal of garbage. The liquid accumulating with the garbage can is experimented in gardening and irrigation.

He said that all zone commissioners were told not to send garbage transporting vehicles to Sarona. They were also told to make sure that waste materials do not fall on roads during transportation to Sakri site

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