Drying up of two rivers posing problem for livelihood

Pandaria, May 17:
The biggest river of Pandaria block and district ‘Haaf’ river and other rivers and rivullets have dried up and which has badly affected people’s day-to-day life and are facing problem in meeting up daily requirement. The ground water level in the lock has reduced from 190 feet to 250 feet. For last five years these rivers are drying up in peak summers, but this situation has arised in March and April itself. The ‘Aagar’ and ‘haaf’ river in the district passing through the district has dried up and its effect is very much visible in the entire region.
The region’s biggest ‘Haaf’ river which flows from Mackal hills between Bodala and Pandaria, passes through different villages viz. Hathibudan, Badna, Ghoghara, Kharijhiti, Bakela, Kubakhurd, Bisheshara, Makari and Damapur and covering about 35 km stretch merges with Sheonath river. ‘Haaf’ river is lifeline of the region and on which hundreds of villages situation nearby are alive.
But this time in March-April only this river has dried up at its origin itself and the main reason is exploitation with the nature, forest and construction of stop-dam and pumps and massive use of water using pumps from villages nearby.
In the same way the other big ‘Aagar’ river of the region originates from near the Mackal hill and passed through Kukudur, Kamathi, Kodvagodan, Dullapur, Chilfi, Bangala and enters Mungeli district and this river too has dried up. With drying up of this river, the water in the handpumps in the village nearby has also receded drastically and which is leading to alarming water crisis in the region. As most of the villages on the banks of the river are not having any ponds and due to drying of river, these villages are not having any other source.
One Itwari Ram from Gram Domsara informed that with drying up of river the water level in the villages has reduced. Janpad member of village Dinesh Koshariya informed that earlier by the side of this river, there used to be vegetable production and today condition is such that with drying up of river, even the handpumps have run dry. The water level has reduced to 200 feet. Sarpanch Santosh Soyam informed with drying up of the river, the villagers are made to face the water problem. The human somehow are able to complete their work, but the biggest problem is faced by the animals. It is not possible to clean the animals using handpumps and with both the rivers of the block drying up, the life not only in the villages by the side of the river, but even the life of other villages too has got badly affected.
Major effect on earning livelihood
With drying up of ‘Aagar’ and ‘Haaf’ river, it is causing major effect on the livelihood of people who are purely dependent upon it. Hundreds of villagers residing near the above two rivers, specially those from Patel community and others are facing livelihood crisis as they used to take up vegetable farming on the basis of irrigation with the help of water from these two rivers. This is having direct effect on vegetable production and causing major effect on economy of the region. Rajiv Kumar informed that with drying up of the river, vegetable farming could not be done and the vegetables like ladyfinger, ‘karela’, tomato and other taken by the side of the river is now drying up in hot sun.
Need to increase water level
To save rivers from drying up, the government by inviting people should take up measures. They should stop felling of trees and planting more and more trees and in addition to this water harvesting should be done on war-footing.
In this people too would have to take initiative and stop exploitation of source of rivers. In addition to this cleaning of river and encroachment should also be stopped, so that the true nature of rivers can be saved.

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