Dry weather takes mercury close to 45 C

Central Chronicle News
Raipur, May 25:
Raipur City on Saturday registered maximum temperature of 44.6 degree C which is three degree more than the normal on the day. While the local forest for the Raipur City is predicted to be around 45 degree C, the Indian Meteorological Centre of Raipur has warned of possibilities of further increase in temperature next week.
However there has been a fall in temperature in Sarguja division whereas the Raipur Division would have prediction of further increase in temperature. Bilaspur recorded highest 46.2 degree C on Saturday. Mana Airport in Raipur too registered high of 45.5 degree C on Saturday which too is 3 degree C high on the said day whereas Durg too witness increase in temperature with highest of 44.8 degree C in the region.
AccueWeather has sounded alert about further increase in the temperature under which Raipur could witness temperature of 46 degree C on Monday.

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