Dr. Raman Singh presides over Cabinet meeting in which crucial decisions passed

Raipur: State Administrative Reforms Commission was formed on 23rd September 2015. The term of the Commission ends on 31st December 2017. The Cabinet today decided to extend the period of the State Administrative Reforms Commission till 31st December 2018. The panel had been formed to streamline the administrative set-up, to make it more responsive to the needs of the current times and to oversee the implementation of the various social welfare projects by the authorities and give constructive suggestions. The State Administrative Reforms Commission was empowered to re-organize the corporations-mandals, commissions, development authorities and observe other related institutions, land management authority and Land-Revenue Administration.

*Third Supplementary Estimate Year 2017-2018 Establishment and Chhattisgarh Appropriation Bill 2017 was also approved by the Cabinet.

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