Dr Devendra Nayak feted for initiative to save girl child

Raipur, Feb 12: The initiative taken by Dr Devendra Nayak, MD of Shri Balaji Hospital to save the girl child has been hailed by Congress leader Nitin Bhansali. Welcoming Dr Nayak for this noble initiative Bhansali presented a bouquet to him and thanked for it. On the 11th year of hospital, a decision has been taken for the conservation and saving girl child. As per an initiative, any girl child born in this hospital whether out of normal delivery or scissarian irrespective of any category will not be charged any fees from the family and even the medical consultation of pregnant woman will be cost.
This offer is for any woman both within the state and outside. Along with Bhansali, New Raipur Sarpanch Sangh president Sujit Gidoude was also present.

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