Dozen attacked by stray dog, suffered injuries

Central Chronicle News
Lawan, May 03:
Two senior citizens got injured when they faced dog-bite from a stray do at around 10:00 am on Thursday. When the people saw this they used sticks to chase away the stray dog. Again after some time the same stray dog attacked another senior citizen and injured him. It was by the same stray dog had attacked about a dozen persons in the city and they were all taken for first-aid and primary treatment from rabies.
The injured person is Ramu Bande S/o Buddha (82) R/o Khamaria (Lawan). When asked he informed that when he was going from Nagar Panchayat to District Co-op Central Bank, during this he was attacked by a stray dog from behind on his leg. On attack from the dog, the senior citizen shouted for help and was helped by passer-bys and the mad-dog was chased away.
The other injured person with dog bite was Hari Yadav, S/o Rupau Yadav (56), R/o Gram Marda and he had come from Marda to Lawan for purchased related to marriage. No sooner he got down from the bus at the Lawan Bus Stand, he was attacked by the dog on his foot. In the same way Narendra (18), Devram (22), Babloo (30), Ramnath (65), Sanjana (8); Dujram Verma (21), Ahilda, Sana Ullah Khan (30), Lawan, Sukram Patel (45), Bhalukona, Bharti (13) Lawan, Sadhelal Sahu (40), R/o Lata and in all 12 persons suffered dog-bite from this wild dog. Out of these 10 persons were given vaccination on anti-rabies and all the injured persons got the treatment using Smart Card.
Doctor Ramkishan Sahu of Community Health Centre informed that due to intense heat, thirstiness, hunger, the dogs turns wild and mad and often attack people passing nearby. The people facing dog-bite should immediately visit nearest Primary Health Centre and get injection of anti-rabies immediately.

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