Doctors & Para Medics of JLNH&RC provide new lease of life

Bhilai, Apr 21:
In the midst of the war against Covid being fought by the doctors and supporting staff of SAIL-Bhilai Steel Plant’s JLN Hospital & Research Centre, a team of doctors in the hospital’s neo-natal unit of has brought cheer into three families by saving three new born babies.
Divya Harit, mother of one of the babies says, “My child was having breathing difficulties and was having fever right from the time she was born. The neo natal unit came to her rescue, treating her and administering medicines with ventilator support. It is entirely because of the excellent treatment and dedication of the doctors and para medical staff that today, after 14 days, my daughter has won the battle for life. I thank the doctors and medical staff from the bottom of my heart.”
Sharing her experience, A Deepika said several post-birth complications put my daughter’s life at risk. There are no words to describe how promptly and efficiently the doctors and staff of neo natal unit handled the critical situation and the complications. My daughter has a new life now, after 15 days of treatment. I will forever be grateful to the neo natal unit of Sector 9 Hospital, she said. Holding her son, Shraddha Sah got emotional when she described how the doctors and medical staff gave her son a new life. Thanks to them, my son is today playing in my arms, she said, adding that these doctors are no less than angels for me and my family. I have no words to express my gratitude to the doctors who have given my son the best treatment amid all this Covid crisis.
Among the team of doctors & staff who gave a new lease of life to these babies are Sambita Panda, HoD and in-charge of neo natal unit, Dr Subodh Kumar Saha, Dr Sanjivni Patel, Dr Nutan Verma, Dr Vrinda Sakhare, DNB students who have come from all over the country and experienced nursing sisters. Behind the success of neo natal unit is the guidance provided by Dr SK Issar, ED (M & HS), Chief Medical Officers, Dr Pramod Binayeke & Dr Ravindranath. The gynaecology team comprising of Dr Sunita Agrawal, Dr Sangita Kamra and Dr Shaila Jacob have also been working hard and have proved their excellence in handling complicated cases. The neo natal unit of the 860 bedded JLN Hospital has not only treated employees and their family members but have also handled many critical cases of new born babies from nearby areas as well for the past 25 years.
It is worth mentioning that the mortality rate of 7 in 1000 new born babies in JLN Hospital is much lower than the national average of 22 in 1000 new born babies. In fact it is at par with such hospitals as AIIMS, Delhi.
While this low mortality rate had been possible because of untiring efforts of doctors and medical staff of neo natal unit, it is worth mentioning that the unit has been equipped with ventilators, phototherapy, blood transfusion, leminar flow and ‘rooming in’ and kangaroo mother care facilities for many years.
Besides such modern facilities for neo natal treatment, proven expertise of gyneacologists has been attracting patients from far and near. The manner in which doctors and paramedical staff of different units of JLN Hospital are working hard to save lives and treat patients in such difficult times of Covid, is really appreciable.

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