DMC bulldozes encroachment in Vidyut Nagar and Potiya Kala

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Bhilai, Aug 26: On the instructions of Durg Municipal Commissioner Haresh Mandavi, under the guidance of Building Officer Prakash Chand Thawani, a joint operation by the Public Works Department and demolition squad was conducted the other day to remove encroachments in Ward 49 and 54.
Action was taken in Vidhyut Nagar Ward 49 where one Jagmohan Sinha had encroached upon the road by raising a wire fencing. In the second case action was taken in front of Purani Basti pond, Potiya kala ward 54 where one Aarti Sahu had obstructed the road by placing building material and other material.
In another case, one Shatrughan Sahu had encroached the area near Potiya Kala Kranti Chowk, by constructing a septic tank and bathroom on the government land. On the Borsi Dhanora road, one Naveen Singh had encroached upon the vacant land of the government next to Vivan Copiers Shop and was using it by putting up a tin shed, which was demolished.
On an earlier drive, the encroacher had given a written application to the Corporation Commissioner that he would remove the encroachment on his own within 3-4 days and in case not done them the corporation has the right to do so, as he did not remove the tin shed within the mentioned time frame, the demolition team removed the same.
Corporation staff along with Padmanabhpur police force reached the spot. The encroachment of all the three places was broken and warning was given not to repeat the deed.
The operation was conducted under the leadership of Assistant Building Officer Girish Dewan, and others present were Vinod Manjhi, In-charge Market Officer and Encroachment In-charge Shiv Sharma, Santosh Bhatt, Manni Manhare, Radheshyam, Raju Sagar and others.

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