DKZSC Maoist leader Ganga (A) Aaytha Korsa dies of Corona infection

Central Chronicle News
Konta, May 28: Telangana Police inspected a vehicle near Manuguru Hanuman Temple and found a Swift Desire car with three persons inside it.
After checking the vehicle the police found explosives in the vehicle and arrested the following persons: 1. Savalam Pojja @ Bhimaya S /o Budra, 24 years, Gothikoya, R /o Pidiya Village, Gangaloor PS, Bijapur District, Chhattisgarh State. He is working as Maoist Party’s Dandakaranya South Bastar supply team Member. 2. Sodi Sitayya @ Mahender, S /o Ramaiah, 26 years, Koya, R/o Pega Village, Chintoor mandal, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh State, Maoist Party courier; 3. Kunja Jogaiya, S / O Apparao, 28 years, Koya, R/o. Surakunta village, Chintoor Mandal , East Godavari district, AP state, Maoist party Militia member. The items seized by the police include: Gelatin sticks – 10; Detonators- 3; Nippo Batteries-4; Cordex Wire Bundle-1; Electrical wire – 20 meters. During interrogation, they admitted Kurasam Gangaiah @ Aitu Ramayana, Commander of the Dandakaranya South Bastar tech team, who was seriously ill with corona infection four days ago, and admitted him in the hospital. Aitu have died in the hospital.
Details of the deceased:
Kurasam Gangaiah @ Aitu, 28 years, R/o. Gornam village, Bijapur, CG. He is known to be the Commander of the Maoist Dandakaranya South Bastar Tech team.
According to sources, Sobhrai, Rajesh, Nandu Sagar, key members of the Maoist party, as well as several members of the Mangi Dalam are known to have contracted the disease. They were treated by doctors from the Maoist Battalion and are still suffering from a serious illness, so we will provide them with the medical help they need if the ten member surrenders before the police. Informing the Maoists: Corona is spreading in tribal villages by holding meetings with innocent tribal people during the peak of corona infection recently. Therefore in such circumstances, we would like to inform the tribal people not to go to attend any Maoist party meetings and that the Maoist party should not hold such meetings.
It’s worth mentioning that few days ago Sundarraj.P, IG Bastar Range revealed that many Maoist cadres were infected with Covid-19 and few have died of infection. CPI Maoist ridiculed this information through a hasty press release on May 25. On the death of senior DKZSC cadre Ganga, the alarming COVID situation in Maosit camps speaks of ground reality and they all stand exposed.

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