Divyang Naina receives hearing aid

Konta, Dec 11: Divyang Day celebrated on 03rd December all over the world is such an important day for every Divyang, but this day was very beneficial in the life of 16 year old girl Naina Nag of Sukma district.  After nearly three years of hard life, Naina is now strong in making her dreams come true.  After three years, Naina has tears of joy in her eyes and a smile on her face when she hears her family’s voice clearly.  At first sight, Naina would be considered normal by any person, but Naina is actually a hearing impaired girl.  Those who open again today have been able to give wings to their dreams, their desires in the sky.  She aspires to complete her studies and achieve a better position.

Naina Nag, the daughter of Munna Nag, a resident of Ambikapara, Gongla, has been adept in studies, sports as well as household chores since childhood.  But three years ago there was an eclipse in Naina’s laughing and playing life.  Naina’s sister Kamini told that Naina, the middle of the three sisters, had suffered an internal injury on her head while playing three years ago, due to which her hearing became weak with time.  There came a time that Naina’s hearing was almost reduced.  It was more difficult for Munna Nag, who runs the house as a daily wage laborer, to face this untimely hurt in the life of his promising daughter, than it was in the treatment.  For treatment, Naina was brought to the district hospital from where she was referred to Jagdalpur for better consultation.  The doctors told the need of the operation but due to poor financial condition, the treatment of Naina was not possible.


Had to leave studies due to poor hearing ability

Naina’s maternal uncle told that she was studying in the Potakibin Ashram of Kumharras.  In class 6, due to injury during the game, she started having trouble hearing, due to hearing problem, it was a big challenge for Naina to understand words, she does not have any problem in reading letters, but due to lack of understanding, she is unable to understand the pronunciation.  I don’t remember the lessons I taught.  Over time, she started having trouble speaking and hearing well, she used to be very unhappy due to hearing loss at an early age and she completely gave up hope of her further studies.  After completing her studies up to 7th and 8th standard with great difficulty, she left her studies and started helping in household chores.


Cooperation received from DDRC and Social Welfare Department

Sukma Field Coordinator of District Disabled Rehabilitation Center obtained the information of Naina Nag with the help of Anganwadi worker of Gongla and with the consent of her family, a certificate of disability was made under District Disabled Rehabilitation.  Naina has 40 percent disability.  After that, Naina was provided hearing aid by Social Welfare Department and District Disabled Rehabilitation Center Sukma on 3rd December 2021 on the occasion of World Disabled Day.  With the help of hearing aids, she has been able to hear and in the present she wishes to complete her further studies and build a golden future.

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