Dismiss China’s move

In an effort to bolster its claim to India’s Arunachal Pradesh, China has devised a third set of names for ten locations in the state, referring to them as zangnan, the southern part of Tibet. Following the State Council’s regulations on geographical names, China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs issued standardised names in Chinese, Tibetan, and Pinyin characters.The coordinates for two land areas, two residential areas, five mountain peaks, and two rivers, as well as their subordinate administrative districts, are included in the list. According to Chinese experts, the announcement of names is a legal move that respects China’s sovereign right to standardise geographical names. At this point, India’s external affairs should emphasize that assigning invented names to places in Arunachal Pradesh does not alter the fact that the state is an integral part of India. India has to dismiss China’s move to rename places in Arunachal Pradesh.
Vijaykumar H K, Raichur, Karnataka

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