Direct telecast of Parliamentary proceedings be stopped

Outgoing Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairperson PJ Kurien has rightly suggested based on his experience that direct telecast of Parliamentary proceedings is neither practically proper nor otherwise justified. Study may establish that disruption in Parliamentary proceedings might have increased manifolds ever since direct telecast of Parliamentary proceedings was started.

It is also said that some Parliamentarians deliberately create nosy scenes and enter into well of the House so that they may show such videofootage of their activeness in their constituencies. Otherwise also since there is a provision of expulsion of certain Parliamentary proceedings by chairperson of the concerned House, it is not fair that such proceedings may go public through direct telecast of Parliamentary proceedings.
Properly edited pre-recorded Parliamentary proceedings should be telecast for which there should be an all-committee to prevent any element of bias.
–Subhash chandra Agrawal, New Delhi

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