DGP takes strong note of Cyber Cells working on lines of disbanded Crime Branches

Raipur: Chhattisgarh DGO DM Awasthi has taken strong exceptions to several complaints that few districts in the state have formed Cyber Cells which are working on lines of Crime Branches and Special Investigation Cells (SIC) which had been disbanded in the past.

Issuing a strong warded letter to all district SPs, the DGP warned that any further complaint of Cyber Cell staff working in the field will draw severe action against the concerned district SP. He also directed all SPs to immediately stop Cyber Cells working in the field for crime detection.

It should be recalled that within days of assuming charge as Chhattisgarh DGP, DM Awasthi had ordered for disbanding all Crime Branches and Special Investigation Cells (SIC) working in various districts for detecting crimes committed there. Now, through his latest letter to all district SPs, the DGP has made it clear that Cyber Cell should be limited to detecting only cyber crimes and should have no role in other crime detections, no matter how serious the committed crime is.

The DGP added that provided any police range IGP or district SP feels the need of forming a Special Investigation Team (SIT) for solving a serious or major crime, then the SIT can be formed but that team will be restricted to investigating the particular crime only and once that crime has been solved, the formed SIT will cease to exist automatically.

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