Devotees absorbed in Bhakti as Navratri commences

Birkoni, Oct 10:
Shardiya Navratri festival is being celebrated in village Birkoni from Thursday and the arrival of faith and Bhakti is being witnessed on a large scale and a resonance of devotion is clearly seen in the court of Goddess Durga, here in Bazar Chowk Durga Mandir.
The temple is giving a unique message of unity and brotherhood, as 41 Jyoti Kalash and Jawara were installed in the temple, from across the region, and according to the priest the number of Jyoti Kalash increases here with every passing year. A great enthusiasm is also witnessed among the women devotees, who are not only fasting seeking favour from the Goddess, but also adoring the temple premises and their homes, welcoming the Goddess of power and strength.
‘Jasgeet’ and religious songs praising the Goddess in her grandeur are filling the entire region with bakti, as people are coming out in large numbers to seek the blessing of the Goddess. The Pandal and Samiti members are working day and night to make all the arrangements, as many devotees are thronging the temple to pay their obeisance.

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