Devendra visits Kalibaris; responds to public demands

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Bhilai, Oct 14: Bhilai Nagar MLA Devendra Yadav visited Kalibaris in different sectors of the city and paid obeisance to the deities. He offered prayers to Maa Durga on Mahanavami and prayed for the happiness and prosperity of the people of Bhilai.
During the visit, people raised several demands on which Devendra responded immediately and made announcements for conducting various development works.
Bhilai Nagar MLA Devendra Yadav reached Kalibari in Sector 6 and HUDCO on Thursday to worship Goddess Durga. He offered prayers to the goddess and prayed for the happiness, peace and prosperity of the people of Bhilai. He wished for the welfare and development of all as well as the development of the state.
Devendra with his family reached Sector 6 Kalibari where the people expressed their heartfelt gratitude to him for installation of paver blocks in Kalabari premises. Thereafter, he reached Hudco Kalibari and met all the members of the committee. Very beautiful idols of the deities have been installed here.
MLA participated in the religious rituals and prayers and offered Aarti to Maa Durga. The committee members praised and thanked MLA Devendra Yadav for getting the project of dome shed construction approved for Hudco Kalibari. This structure will ensure convenience in conducting religious events here. The committee members expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the MLA.
Every year during Navratri, grand events are organized in all the Kalibaris of the city. Worship of Maa Durga is done at these places. The committees have been demanding for better facilities and dome sheds for conducting religious events in the Kalibaris.
On the public demand, MLA Devendra Yadav took the initiative and now development work will be done in four kalibaris of the city at a cost of Rs 34 lakhs which include dome shed, sheds and paver block installation. BMC officials informed that all these development works will be done with the initiative of Bhilai Nagar MLA Devendra Yadav. The dome shed will be constructed at HUDCO Kalibari at a cost of Rs 12 lakhs.
On Thursday, MLA performed Bhoomipujan for the dome shed. Paver blocks will also be installed in the premises. Apart from this, paver block will be installed in Sector 6 Kalibari Complex at a cost of Rs 5 lakhs. Dome shed will be constructed at Housing Board Kalibari at a cost of Rs 10 lakh and the shed will be constructed at Sector 1 Kalibari at a cost of Rs 7 lakh.

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