Devendra performs bhoomipuan for SAGES in Farid Nagar

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Bhilai, Sep 20: On Sunday, Bhilai Nagar MLA Devendra Yadav performed bhoomipujan for four projects in the city. The most significant project is the construction of Swami Atmanand English Medium School (SAGES) in Farid Nagar.
The construction of the school building will commence in the vacant ground of Farid Nagar. Earlier on Sunday, Bhilai Nagar MLA Devendra Yadav performed Bhoomipujan amidst chanting of ved mantras. MLA Devendra Yadav was accorded a rousing welcome in Farid Nagar.
A grand and beautiful stage will be constructed at ITI Khursipar Dussehra ground. This construction work will be done at a cost of about 15 lakhs. Where there will be facilities of lights etc. There was a public demand for this stage. Bhilai Nagar MLA took this demand into consideration and got the plan approved.
Devendra Yadav said that it is a matter of great happiness that a Government English Medium School is being opened for the better future of children. Constriction work will be started soon. With this, the children of the area will also be able to study in English Medium School.
Children from underprivileged families who want to study in English medium private school, but due to poor financial condition and cannot afford expensive private school fees. Such children will be given full facilities like a private school. Earlier, Bhilai Nagar MLA Devendra Yadav gave a big gift to the people living in Wambey Rashne Awas. Soon the houses will be completely renovated. For this, MLA Devendra Yadav has made a proposal and has taken approval from the government and soon the renovation work will commence. Bhoomipujan program was organized behind Zone 4 office on Sunday. The entire colony will be renovated at a cost of about Rs 38 lakhs.
MLA Devendra Yadav performed bhoomi pujan at four places on Sunday. Firstly, the stage will be constructed near ITI Khursipar at a cost of 15 lakhs; complete renovation work of Wambay Reshne Awas will be done at a cost of 38 lakhs; construction work of English Medium School in Farid Nagar at a cost of 200 lakhs and drain construction in Ayyapa Nagar at a cost of Rs 43 lakhs will be done.

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