Develop big gardens and Oxyzones around the city: Tamradhwaj

Central Chronicle News :
Bhilai, June 07: District’s Guardian Minister Tamradhwaj Sahu on Friday chaired a review meeting with the officials of various departments of Durg District. With the aim of spreading greenery and protecting the environment of the twin-city, Sahu directed the officials to prepare a project for developing big gardens like Maitri Bagh near all the entry-exit points of the city. He further asked the officials to chalk out plans of Oxyzones in the district and develop infrastructure wherever possible.
Sahu reviewed the activities and initiatives of all the departments during this meeting which continued for about seven hours at District Collectorate. He asked the officials to ensure public participation in the ambitious project of “Narwa Garuwa Ghurwa Badi”. He asserted that the project will bear fruitful results only through public participation. He directed the officials to chalk out plans for urban areas in view of expected demands and situations of the next 20-years. The strategy should be planned on the basis of demands and situations that would occur in future. Public Health Engineering Minister Guru Rudra Kumar, MP Vijay Baghel, MLA Arun Vora, MLA Vidyaratan Bhasin, MLA Devendra Yadav, District Panchayat President Maya Belchandan, Mayor Chandrika Chandrakar, Bhilai Charoda Mayor Chandrakanta Mandale, District Collector Ankit Anand, SP Prakhar Pandey, SDM Sanjay Agrawal, District Panchayat CEO Gajendra Thakur and others were present.
Sahu directed the officials to select more villages for Model Gauthans and ensure they are evenly spread across the district. Fruit bearing trees should be planted at the gauthans. He added that the Gauthans of Bastar area are very beautiful because of the presence of big trees. He asked the officials to ensure fodder for cattle round the year. For the purpose, special types of grass should be grown in the grazing lands.
The officials informed that they have conducted inspections at 2350 Badis and have distributed vegetable kits at 624 badis. Sahu asked the officials to distribute seeds of those vegetables which are in demand at the villages. He emphasized on the need of recharging the ground water resources. He further asked the officials to ensure Muktidham with Sheds in all the villages. Construct boundary walls at girls’ schools and schools located near roads. Dilapidated school buildings should be identified and demolished. In place, new schools buildings should be constructed. MP Vijay Baghel stated that some monetary encouragement should be provided to people those who have constructed toilets after being inspired by the national campaign.
Sahu directed the PWD officials to conduct proper repairs of the Police Quarters. He asked the officials to identify places on main roads where nullahs, bridges and culverts are required and sent proposals. He directed the irrigation officials to open the Sahgaon Anicut for providing water to Bemetara district. He further directed the officials to open “Gadh Kaleva” restaurant in District Collectorate also. In future, such establishments will be opened in Block head quarters also. Sahu stated that “gadh kaleva” has been opened in Chhattisgarh Bhavan in New Delhi also and there is huge demand of Chhattisgarh traditional delicacies. Sahi enquired about the status of seeds and fertilizers in the district and directed the officials to ensure uninterrupted power supply.

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