‘Desi Fridge’ high on demand in urban areas

Lawan, Apr 30:
With rise in mercury, the demand for ‘desi fridge’ ‘Mataka’ (earthen pots) has increased in the city. The demand of this ‘desi fridge’ is on the rise in the weekly market due to rise in temperature.
The water from earthen pots gives a very cool feeling and satiates the thirstiness of a person and is reported to be very much beneficial. In such conditions, the ‘Desi Fridge’ manufacturers have started bringing ‘’matakas’ in the market and the demand of these earthen pots prepared by local pot-makers is very much high and they opined that many local ‘Kumhars’ (pot-makers) come to them for purchase of this ‘Desi Fridge’.
It is notable that as compared to a fridge, water in an earthen pot gets cooler faster and is very much healthy for the mind and body. Here it is available at throw-away price. One of the pot-maker from Gram Hardi Prajapati said that he started manufacturing of these earthen pots three months before start of summer season and added that the amount of hard work and cost put right from purchase of soil to moulding the earthen pot on the wheel and then selling it in the market, the end price which they get is very less in the present day world of high inflation. The work that of filtering of soil, making a paste of it and then moulding it on wheel and heating it up to make it solid involved lot of time and hard work. Similarly on completion of this work, it has to be carried either in a basket or some other conveyance to nearby market and which poses lot of risk of some cracks developing mid-way.
Pots being sold for Rs 30-60 each
This year there is slight increase in prices of earthen pot. The Small size earthen pots are available for Rs 30-40 and a bigger size for Rs 50-60. The cost of one ‘surahi’ is high costing around Rs 70-80.
Mercury reaches 44 Deg Celsius
With mercury at its peak, the people have now feeling heated up if they stay for short while in sun and feels thirsty also throughout the day. This has to be compensated with proper water intake and if it is naturally cool, then it can be easily taken. Set aside this the market of other cool drinks, juices and air-coolers and fans has increased with arrival of summer.

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