Denizens facing severe water crisis

Due to sheer negligence of PHE and Nagar Panchayat

Central Chronicle News
Simga, May 05:
Due to carelessness on part of PHE and Nagar Panchayat, the drinking water problem in Nagar Panchayat has worsened. The PHE department Bhatapara under ‘Nal-Jal Awardhan Yojana’ worth Rs 17 crore is constructing water treatment plant and carrying out expansion of water pipeline in Simga Nagar Panchayat.
In this construction of three overhead tanks of 5 lakh litre will be constructed and including other water tanks the residents of city will get daily 15 lakh litres of water daily. Under this 6 water pumps of 25 HP will be installed and out of which three pumps will be installed near the river and three near the plant.
It is learnt that expansion of three zone pipeline has been done, but the expansion of one of the pipeline in one of the Zone’s is in progress. In the above construction work, it is mainly the carelessness on part of the officials that the work is going at snail’s pace and due to which the residents of the city are facing water crisis.
It is learnt that in the above work, due to nexus of the contractors, officers and public representatives, there is massive corruption. In Nagar Panchayat area, the existing Gaurav Paath and concrete roads and drainage is being damaged and negligence on part of public reps in this cases is raising many eyebrows.
About 15 years back, at Model Primary School, under ‘Nal-Jal Yoojan’, a construction work worth Rs 1 cr was started and which after its failure, did not see the light of the day. This caused heavy loss to the government. In this regard, Dy. Engineer Kanhaiya Dewangan said that as to where he would be searching for the works done earlier in the files and tried to keep this at a safe distance.
The SDO of concerned department and Dy. Engineer had rarely visited Simga to see the ongoing construction work and as & when they come, they always sidelined major problems and grievances of local people.
In this regard. Dy. Engineer Dewangan said that water from the river will reach the plant in 15 days and people will start getting water within a month. For citizens of BPL, under Bhagirathi Nal-Jal Yojaan, Rs 80 lakh was spent about 10 years back, but till date the BPL families have not got any benefit from it.
Half of the water pipelines laid under this schemes have been stolen or are reported missing and Nagar Panchayat just does not have time to cross-check the same.
In this regard JP Pandey – CMO said that this has not happened during his term and therefore it is difficult to give information about it. Presently in Gram Panchayat Simga, water is being supplied through 3 tankers and which is insufficient.
Due to severe water crisis, there is great deal of resentment among the villagers. In Nagar Panchayat Simga, there are 200 borewells pumps and out of which 50 are running dry or have become unused.

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