Denizens facing irregular power cut

Balod, May 09:
With irregular power cut in the district, both during day and night, the denizens are made to spend sleepless night and this speaks of not so good power system in the district. The people have only one complaint that the electricity employees keep their phones always engaged and therefore no phone calls are received and even if sometimes the call is entertained, the power company employees do not give satisfactory answer and they only say that power supply will be resumed shortly.
The people of both urban and rural area in Balod district are unhappy with services of Electricity Department. With this particular system where general public is facing the music in peak of summer season, on the other the businessmen and traders too are equally annoyed. Since it is peak of summer season, therefore it is not possible to spend the day and night without ACs, coolers and fans and in some places, not having light during day-hours is also a problem. In this day-to-day problem of hide-n-seek with electricity, the daily life has gone out of tracks and the responsible officers/ employees from Electricity department too are also not so serious about solving this problem.
Who will listen, no accountability
The city’s electricity system is not working properly, then be it the case of hanging wire or outdated transformers, on which the department has not taken any action so far. In the name of repair only mere formality is fulfilled and somehow the work is done and this has become part of tradition. The power cut for long time has become a serious issue now is that neither the officers nor the employees are serious about the lack of management. And in such conditions people are forced to say, who will listen and whom to complaint?
Due to hide-n-seek of electricity in day and night, the people right from rural to urban areas in trouble. Since the mercury has shot-up, the people are only busy in inquiring about when it will be restored. There is lot of annoyance among people about regular power cut and people are made to spend sleepless night. They said that they are being supplied power on roaster and therefore they are facing mental and physical and financial problem as well.
Transformers are failing
With start of summer season, the coolers and ACs in the offices have started. Witih this the power lines have started tripping off. At many places in the wards, the fuse and insulators of transformers are blowing off. The power lines are facing additional load. Though the department is saying that lines are being reapaired and wherever the complaint is received, it is immediately being attended. But the fuse and insulators problem is mainly in dense localities, where some or the other power line is always off.

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