‘Democratic rights will be curtailed if BJP returns to power in Assam’

Guwahati, Mar 25 (PTI):
Appealing to the voters to exercise their franchise in favour of jailed anti-CAA movement leader Akhil Gogoi, social activist Medha Patkar on Thursday claimed that people’s democratic rights will be curtailed if the BJP returns to power in Assam.
The Narmada Bachao Andolan leader alleged that the saffron party is working only for big industrialists and not for commoners.
“This assembly election is a fight between those selling farmers’ lands and those protecting them. Akhil Gogoi is fighting for land rights of poor farmers in Assam,” she told reporters.
After Gogoi was put behind the bars, the closed toll gates were reopened, construction of big dams began and several more such “anti-people” work resumed, she said.
“If you give the BJP five more years, it will be devastating for the people of Assam. There will be no rights for the people.

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