Demand to close down blood bank illogical & irrational: Patients

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Bhilai, Apr 07: Since its inception, Blood Bank in Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital and Research Centre, Sector-9 has provided to the denizens (not only from the city but elsewhere) the safest blood possible from volunteer donors. The fact remains that technologically, equipment wise or from hygiene point of view and so to say precaution wise, Blood Bank in JLNH is one of the best existing Blood Banks in Chhattisgarh region. After more than three decades of providing several lakh units of safe blood components (PRBC, Platelets and Plasma) along with maintaining the highest levels of quality to extremely needy patients, how come the demand to close down the blood bank completely is being raised so prominently? With every passing day, why is this demand to shut down the blood bank, becoming more vociferous? On Saturday, an ostensibly somber 9-member team including CMO, Food and Drug Control Raipur, NACO, and officials from Directorate of Health Services even conducted a detailed investigation into the corridors of the Blood Bank section. Furthermore, it is yet to be “established” if the cause for which the demand is being raised, “happened” due to the blood transfusion that took place in Sector-9 hospital and for which the component was provided from the Blood Bank.
Even if one agrees that the “culprit” in this most regrettable HIV infection to innocent victims is the blood transfusion done here at Sector-9 Hospital, the point of “Window Period” cannot be overlooked while attempting to impartially understand exact situation. Lastly, even if it is established that there has been “negligence” in abiding by the norms, then does the solution lie in closing down the Blood Bank of a hospital that has a trauma and critical care medical treatment facility? Instead probe should be conducted to nail down the real reason or the person whose “negligence or misconduct” dragged the two innocent children to the suffering. These are the words of patients who have been or are dependent on blood transfusion at the JLNH, Sector-9 Hospital for their life.
While a few are living because of the blood transfused to save from serious injuries or underwent a major surgical procedure, there are a number of others who are entirely dependent on blood transfusion for their life- i.e. those suffering from Thalassemeia, sickle cell anemia, blood cancer, haemophillia or from kidney disease.

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