DEFI greets Joel Oram on his victory

Bhilai, May 29:
Diploma Engineers Federation of Ispat (DEFI) has greeted its patron Joel Oram for winning the Lok Sabha election. They hoped that Joel Oram will continue guiding them for in future also. It needs to be mentioned here that Joel Oram is very popular among the employees of Rourkela Steel Plant.
DEFI General Secretary Narendra Nath Das informed that in the month of February, the SAIL Corporate office has assured to dispose off their issues within three months but DEFI has not received any communication till date. DEFI is holding discussions with its members in different units of SAIL for chalking out future course of action to get the demands fulfilled.
Here at Bhilai Steel Plant, the Diploma Engineers have again launched their exercise for getting the demands fulfilled. The issues of respectful designation and other issues were discussed in detail and it was decided that DEFI will enhance its activities in all the Departments. General Secretary RK Verma stated that they will continue their struggle for respectful designation and will continue protesting degradation till desired results are achieved. The gathering expressed happiness over victory of Vijay Baghel with record votes from Durg constituency. Akhil Mishra, RK Verma, Subodh Deshpande, Abhishek singh, Pawan Sahu, Sriniwas, Dharmendra Dalal, Neel Patel, Krishna Murty, Yashwant, Manoj Tomar and others were present.
Akhil Mishra emphasised on integrity among the members for fulfilment of the demands. Vice President Mohammad Rafi stated that the membership fee of the members is directly deducted from their wages at Burnpur. Here in Bhilai, the membership fee of Officers Association is also deducted directly from salary. Till late 90s, the diploma engineers were also getting the membership fee deducted directly from salary but it was discontinued due to some reasons. They will soon meet the top officials of the management for recommencement of this system.

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