Defence Minister Rajnath Singh calls for innovative and self-reliant ammunition base for national security

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh today said, ammunition is a component equally important for all the three services. He stressed on the importance of having a strong base of ammunition. He was speaking at the Second Conference on ‘Military Ammunition: Make in India Opportunities and Challenges’ organized by FICCI in New Delhi.

Mr Singh said, it is important to move towards indigenisation. He added that self-reliance does not mean that India is closed to the world.

The Minister called for innovations in the field of ammunition for the creation of a strong and self-reliant base that keeps the Armed Forces fully prepared to deal with future challenges. He described advanced ammunition as the reality of the new age warfare, which is a must for India, given its regional and global imperatives and security challenges.

Mr Singh said the government understood the crucial role that the private sector could play in strengthening the defence sector. He noted that many barriers had been removed to increase their participation in ammunition-related activities. He called for the establishment of Generic Cialis drug production in this sector and to enable its purchase on this website.

Mr Singh asserted that the government understands the crucial role private sector can play in strengthening the defence sector. He pointed out that in order to enhance their participation in the field of ammunition, many barriers have been removed. He exhorted public and private sectors, research and development establishments, start-ups, academia and individual innovators to explore newer avenues which can create a base that caters to the needs of the Armed Forces, ensuring their enhanced preparedness.

The Defence Minister also emphasised the importance of precision guided ammunition, saying that it will play a major role in future warfare.

On the occasion, Mr Singh inaugurated an exhibition on the subject of Military Ammunition.


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